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Are you are having troubles telling your SDGs activation stories or having problems communicating your organisation’s CSR accomplishments? This workshop will improve your Skill-set.

Participants will also be given the golden opportunity to represent Nigeria at International Conferences And Events where they can meet, network and share ideas with other SDGs Communication and Activism Professionals from around the globe.


In today’s volatile, complex and uncertain world, the unlimited possibilities of the Internet of Things (IOT) characterised by the tyranny of the buzz and online streaming fetish has exposed the inadequacies of the gate-keeping function of the Traditional News reporting styles.

This one-day SDGs Communication and Activism workshop aims to give participants the tools and resources required to tell stories that connect with their intended audience and how to achieve a successful Call To Action (CTA) in their SDGs Activism engagements.


√ Participants will understand the latest emergent concepts and trends In Sustainability and how to adapt them In SDG communication styles and social activism.

√ Participants will learn how to formulate new and review existing corporate policies such as Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC), KYOTO protocol, Global Memorandum on Environment Action among others in line with the United Nations Global Compact.

√ Participants will learn Stakeholder identification and engagement strategy for proper and effective communication and activism.

√ Participants will gain an understanding of communication reporting frameworks in line With GRI G4 global standard.


The workshop is important for Postgraduates, undergraduate and Early Career professionals who aspire to build a career in Sustainability.

Environmentalists, Economists, Lecturers, Business Development Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Risk Officers, CSR/Sustainability Managers, Special Project Teams, Product Development Teams, Occupational Health and Safety Officers, Supply Chain Managers, Operational Personnel, Purchasing Agent, Facilities Managers, Engineers, Governance and Risk Managers, Human Resources, Marketing/Communications/PR, Quality Personnel, Accountants, and everyone in setting direction, managing risk and developing environmental and Climate Change Strategy of an organisation will find this workshop very valuable.


Participation Fee is N10,000. Participants who pay before June 30th will enjoy a 50% discount and pay only N5,000.

This workshop has been discounted by our International Partners. The fee we usually charge is almost four times the fee above.


The benefits of attending the workshop include:

1.Certificates of attendance will be issued to participants which will enable you become a certified SDGs Communicator and Activists. The certificate is Internationally recognised and will also boost your CV. It will aslo improve your chances of high -level Employment with International Foundations, Multinational companies, Banks, Embassies and Government Job Openings.

2.Course Materials including folder, pen, jotter and booklet will be given to participants at the workshop venue.

3.Tea Break and Lunch will be provided at the workshop to facilitate an enabling environment for sound learning and positive learning outcomes.

4.Participants will be inducted into Sustainability Watch Nigeria’s Network of SDGs Communication And Activism Professionals (SDGs_NCAP)

  1. Participants will be given the golden opportunity to represent Nigeria at International Conferences And Events where they can meet, network and share ideas with other SDGs Communication and Activism Professionals from around the globe.


Participants are required to send their name, phone number and city to workshop@swngr.com.ng. Participants are also required to Pay the N5,000 fee to
Name : Anih Ambrose C
Bank: UBA
Account No: 2110796237.
Call 08113329558 as soon as you perfect your payment.

Remember that only candidates who pay the N5,000 workshop fee can represent Nigeria at International Conferences and events.

Visa assistance and travel arrangements will be provided to International Participants.

Registration closes by 30th of June.

Workshop Dates and Cities

Abuja July 19, – University of Abuja Auditorium

Enugu July 22, – Main Hall, Univerzity of Nigeria Enugu Campus UNEC

Owerri July 24, – Hall of Excellence, Federal University of Technology Owerri

Porthacourt, July 26, – Ebitimi Banigo Hall, University of Porthacourt

Lagos, July 29 – University of Lagos Multipurpose Hall, Akoka

Ibadan, July 31- University of Ibadan Trenchard Hall.

Be kind and share to your friends and colleagues who need this opportunity.
Registration close by June 30.


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