May 23, 2019
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It was a heated argument, come and see fight. It was between Ekene and Akpan, punches and blows left right center. Abidemi tried to settle the fight and got a blow for his troubles. Ngozi, Emeka’s girlfriend rushed into my room and begged me to come and separate the fight.

Hmm, I tried to dodge her, those guys can fight for Africa, let them kill themselves. Many a time I have settled their quarrels, today I wasn’t even in the mood to settle fight.

In any case, I followed her to the front of our lodge. My dear the fight was intense, come and see serious fight. I was well muscled, I was physically fit, so it was easy for me to settle the fight.

After I separated the fight, I asked these two otherwise best friends what the cause of their fight was. Their answer will shock you.

Could you believe that these two gentlemen were prepared to kill themselves because of an argument on the popularity and usefulness of Buhari’s N30,000 minimum wage?

And to think of it they tore my singlet in the process, Abidemi is at the local pharmacy shop getting some stitches on his face, all because of Buhari’s N30,000 minimum wage largesse.

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Somebody on Facebook said the Presidents policy was unpopular and not well received, I wish I still remember the person. I want to tell him that it is not the case ohh, some boys in my lodge are talking about it through blows, Abidemi can bear me witness, if you like, I can show you my torn singlet.

Akin sent in this piece from Lagos.

Notice Board: President Mohammed Buhari just increased the minimum wage from +/-N18,000 to +/- N30,000

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