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I got to know Nkechi when I was posted to their Parish as a newly ordained deacon of the Catholic Church. Their parish was a very lively one with plenty of young people.

Because I was young and because of my experience working with young persons as a Seminarian, the parish priest appointed me the Youth chaplain and thus began my sexual entanglement with Nkechi.

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I first met Nkechi when she came to tell me about an excursion they were planning to some tourist sites. I was taken in by her beauty, her humor and her relative inexperience.

Subsequently we would meet after mass together with her other friends or Youth executives and make small discussions. One thing led to another and we became quiet close. Late one evening, I held her in my arms and I could feel the contentment and joys that lovers have always felt since time immemorial.

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When the Bans for priestly ordination was announced, I seriously thought about my vocation and my new romance with Nkechi.

The truth was that I was in love with Nkechi, but was it enough to give up the many good things I could accomplish as a priest?

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I thought long and hard and eventually settled for my vocation at the painful expense of my very strong feelings for Nkechi.

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I hear there are many cases of sexual abuse among the clergy in recent times, I just want to appeal to the peoples to understand the painful sacrifices that priests have to make in order to serve the peoples.

In case you are a victim sexual overtures by Reverend Fathers, feel free to notify the authorities. But always bear in your mind that the Reverend father is first and foremost a Human being..

Father Philip shared this story from Lagos

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Notice Board

The Pope has mandated Bishops to become responsible for sexual offences in their domain. It is in this case and that this story has been shared.

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