August 18, 2019
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When Iya Tawa heard that American Doctors were treating people for free, you need to see how she ran to the venue of the medical treatment.

Her only daughter Tawa has been complaining of a malignant headache for quiet some time now, it has yet to yield to treatments. She had been to the local pharmacy shop in her area and to a number of hospitals too. She had spent serious money on Lab tests, drugs and medical charges.

When she heard that the attending Doctors at the open Clinic were Americans, white people, she leapt for joy. Quickly she carried her beloved daughter to the clinic where over 70 competent doctors, numerous Nurses, Pharmacists and Lab people examined her daughter and arrived at what they called prognosis.

They have only just started treating her daughter Tawa, but the outcomes have been instant and remarkable. Tawa’s health has improved and is still improving.

It was latter that she met Dr. Charmine Emeleife who told her they were members of the Association of Nigerian Physicians in America that they were doing a medical outreach in Nigeria.

It wasn’t just Iya Tawa alone who had benefited from this noble gesture, more than 3,000 people from Jiwa Tungan, Gwazo and Kubwa area of Abuja has also benefited from this largesse.

If you are sick and you are within the area, why don’t you rush there now. In any case, you can reach out to the Association of Nigerian Physicians in America ANPA to learn about their work and plans for rest of Nigerians.


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