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It used to be Codeine, Raphenol, Cocaine and Marijuana, now it is Sniper and pre-medidtated suicide.

Times are hard in Nigeria no doubt, and there are not many social safety nets. The competition is strong given that Nigeria operates a win-loose system.

Time was when our youths who when they feel left out or abandoned and disenfranchised by the system take to delinquent practices as Yahoo Yahoo, drug abuse, illicit trading and what have you.

Now, at the earliest hint at distress and discomfort, Nigerian youths elect for premeditated suicide. When things do not go the way of the Nigerian young population, they simply commit suicide. They drink Sniper, a fast action germicide, the holy grail of suicidal victims.

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Quiet recently, Joseph Mayowa a student of the Lagos State Polythecnic committed suicide simply because his girlfriend allegedly jilted him. The other day, a final year medical student drank sniper because he flunked his medical finals.

This is a reflection of the Nigerian Society today. A stiff competition with zero margin of error. If you fail you are doomed. You either win by hook or crook or die trying.

The system is failing to cater to the needs and world view of Nigeria’s young and emergent population, and once they feel overwhelmed or distressed they simply commit suicide.

Presently, Nigeria is 15th on the global suicide index and at this rate, we may become the world suicide capital if nothing is done.

The government must deploy the might of its aparacthik and partner with Religious bodies, CSOs, and the organised private sector in solving this odious social problem.

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