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In his inaugural address upon assuming office, Gov. Ugwuanyi promised to work assiduously towards entrenching peace and good governance in the state despite the Nations daunting economic challenges and Enugu’s peculiar status as third from bottom in the federal allocation chart.

Ugwuanyi pledged to embark on an aggressive infrastructural development across the state especially in the rural areas, where the majority of the people reside.

Conscious of the gains of the infrastructural development and especially the pains and trade-offs that must  be borne by the present and future beneficiaries whilst at the same time taking a cue from happenstances from other climes, Ugwuanyi opted for the top-down method in communicating developmental ideas and in engaging crucial stakeholders.

Ugwuanyi understood the critical importance of stakeholders in ensuring sustainable development without degrading the environment. A number of high level committees were set up to gather information on felt needs and pressing aspirations in order to ensure the full actualization of programs that ensure harmonious co-existence of economic growth and environmental responsibility whilst supporting the progress of socio-cultural development.

Consequently, the University town Nsukka and other satellite towns within the state have had an impeccable uplift in terms of infrastructural redesign and development. Over 300 kilometers of road network have been reconstructed and rehabilitated in order to open up rural communities and connect different areas of the state. From Eha-Amufu to Atavu in Nkanu West, sub-sectoral projects as Hospital chains and Electrical infrastructures have been domiciled therein.

On the urban side, Ugwuanyi was meticulous to direct critically needed infrastructure to high density areas and suburbs. Areas such as Ugbodogwu, Abakpa Nike, Emene among others will attest to his green foot prints.

Noteworthy is the integrated character of Ugwuanyi’s foot prints such that some 56 years after commissioning Enugu’s three fire service stations, Ugwuanyi is currently constructing five new ultra-modern fire stations across the states’ three senatorial zones.

Ugwuanyi’s Enugu, it is not all about construction and infrastructure, sober attention is equally being paid to the maintenance of the accumulated infrastructure and programs. The government introduced a road maintenance task-force in the metropolis- Operation Zero Potholes, street lights and traffic lights are equally been paid their due attention.

Ugwuanyi is youth complaint too. Over 1000 youths have been recruited under the Enugu clean team project to enhance and sustain the states rating as one of the healthiest and cleanest cities in the country.

Over 2000 hectares of land has been allocated for the Enugu transformational Eco-Industrial Park (Enpower Free Trade Zone). It is planned to thrive on the Industrial symbiosis framework. In educational sector, over 276 primary and secondary classroom blocks were constructed and renovated.  More than 12,480 writing desks and chairs as well as 868 tables and chairs for teachers have been provided to improve the standard of learning.

Ugwuanyi is increasingly one of Nigeria’s finest and silent achievers. His focused agendas are such that they create a platform for the harmonious thriving of economic growth and environmental responsibility while supporting the progress of social development

Ugwuanyi is worthy of commendation for his generative ideas and the success of their applications. Posterity will applaud him for his green foot prints.

Anih Ambrose wrote this piece. Ambrose is a Sustainable Development Expert, you can reach him at


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