August 18, 2019
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I work in one of Nigeria’s biggest Banks, I work in the CSR department. The truth is that I got my job because somebody on top recommended me for the job. But the problem was that I have a degree in Mathematics and not in the Social Science.

This has affected my work because to tell the truth, I know nothing about CSR. The other day my Boss was threatening to sack me. It was Ifeoma my neighbor, God bless her soul, who recommended IN-CSR to me. I found out about them and discovered they had an upcoming training workshop.

It was at the training workshop that I learnt many things about CSR. Ohh how I had missed. I learnt the theory and practical operations of CSR. I have since applied them in my work to great success.

Because my organisation has scaled up its CSR drive, people have fallen in love with our products. All of our products are market leaders in our industry, even our problem child- (unpopular product) is doing blessedly fine.

Four International agencies have applied to participate and fund some of our CSR progrmms. Didn’t they say success have many friends? Even me, the other day, Recruiters from two big Multinationals gave me a call. They said they would like me to join their team,I told them no,yes, I said no because it was my organisation that gave me the platform and paid for my training.

May God bless IN-CSR, may God Bless Barr. Eustace Onuegbu and may God bless the CSR professionals.

If you want to upgrade your knowledge and skill set on CSR for maximum output, please go to IN-CSR.


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