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I was so stubborn because of the high school i went, going to Christian university was a wrong choice for me, it was all mum wanted.

My mum wanted me to go to a Christian University, she felt my vices will be curbed by their hermitic laws. My mum loves me, but I was lost in my vice, I was a lost cause.

I was caught with Alcoholic drinks I was warned against it which i didn’t hid to. Lata I was caught with the same stuff and i was shown the gate outta Landmark.

It was for me a very shameful event, getting rusticated in 200 level. All the monies and fees wasted, my sturboness have ruined me.

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I stayed at home for year, I mastered my shame, went back to Jamb Class, retook Jamb lesson, now I have gained admission into a proper university.

My mum did not give up on me, me too I did not give up on myself. I hope my story inspires someone.

His twitter friends celebrated him after not giving up on himself.

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Notice Board: Many a Nigerian will be suicidal were they to face this ugly circumstance. Let us congratulate this young man for his courage and resilience.


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