August 18, 2019
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The boys in my street said that Zamfara people deserve what they are getting, they called it Next Level killings. Didn’t they vote massively for Buhari they asked?

I find it rather odd because they are our brothers and sisters too. They are human beings too. They are the ones who cultivate the land and produce the Yam, Beans, Onions and Cattle that we consume. They are very vital to our collective survival and prosperity.

Their population figure is an important factorial in our aggregate population total. Their children are our class mates and friends. Their people are our husbands, wives, neighbors and customers. Their cultural diversity makes us great. In short, they are very much Nigerian peoples too.

What is happening to them is abominable and condemnable. Children yet unborn will convict our conscience if we did nothing about this large scale genocide.

Mr President, I know you have a large heart. I read in the news that you have promised action. One look from your stern face and the perpetrators will be brought to book.

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I am coming to see you nonetheless. I want you to reassure Nigerians that you are deploying the full might of the Nigerian military apparatchik.

Whatever they may say, however it may be, Nigerians still love, respect and value you President Mohamadu Buhari.

Anih Ambrose SDP wrote this piece. Ambrose is a Sustainable Development Expert. You can reach him at


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