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I come from a distinguished family. My father sits on the Board of a New Generation Bank and my mother is a Permanent Secretary in one of the Federal ministries. My elder brother is a Lawyer and very successful. Such is my family, everyone is doing just great.

I am however the black sheep, It’s not because I am not successful; I have a Masters in Hospital Management and I work with a firm that procure and supply medical equipments to Hospitals. My problem is that I am a sex addict.

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It all started when I told my Dad I would like to study Fine Arts. I earnestly wanted to become an art dealer or pursue a career in the tourism sector. My Dad will have none of it, Science class he thundered, you will become a Medical Doctor.

I never really liked chemistry or physics, but I had to comply, I needed to please my father, that was how I found myself in science class. To tell the truth, I felt like fish out of water. I was out of my elements. Acceleration and velocity weren’t my thing neither was Boyles law and Charles law.

I became withdrawn, I became unhappy, I was the poster girl of inferiority complex. I failed my assignments and tests, the exams was nothing to write home about. Soon my classmates began to make jest of me, they taunted me and abused me.

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It was Ahmed who came to my rescue. He was the one who offered to teach me after school hours. Ahmed surely knew how to teach, before long, I understood the intricacies of Gayluzacs Law and the workings of momentum. Ahmed was my savior.

We both decided we would take the GCE come September, that we would intensify our studies. Soon we were always studying, we went everywhere together.

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One day Ahmed forgot his Modern Biology with me, so I decided to go and give it to him at his house. It so happened that his parents were not at home at the time, kids like us, we began to neck and kiss. We were far gone along the way when Ahmed’s mum entered the house. She flared up, she cursed, she was very angry.

The next Monday Ahmed failed to show up at school, it was Hassan his friend who told me he had being transfered to another school. I was dejected, I was sad. What about the upcoming GCE? Who would study with me? Who would teach me?

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The exam was fast approaching, so I met with Mr Okoro our Maths teacher for his help. He gladly obliged and began teaching me after school hours. One day he invited me to his house, it was there that we made love. It felt painful at first, but it became pleasurable soon after.

Before long I began to look forward to my next tryst with Mr Okoro. Because Mr Okoro was not always available, I gave in to the advances of my Father’s Mechanic who had been giving me the eye. He seemed not have the same skills as Mr Okoro, so I gave in to the advance of his best friend Kunle. Kunle had nice skills but he came too quickly so I gave in to Samuel.

I don’t know what I was looking for that I have been jumping from bed to bed, now I am addicted and I don’t seem to know how to help myself.

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Somebody said it was a spiritual thing, so I consulted a prophet. He said I had familiar spirit and would need spiritual cleansing, for seven straight nights he made love to me, this guy was never sated. Still I am no better.

I consulted a Psychologist who told me I was a sanguine, that it was normal to have that much sexual drive. She said I would need to learn to master my urges. She advised me to consider temporary celibacy.

I have been trying, earnestly, but when the urge comes, it seems to have a sense of its own, it can be maddening to not give in to its needs. I have been holding out for a time now, but I am afraid of when a big urge will come calling.

I need your advise.

Nneka (not real name) sent this piece.

Notice Board: It has been reported that over 75% of women have trouble coping with their sexual urges causing strains and tensions to their relationships, marriages and work outputs.

This is our final story celebrating World Health Day 2019.

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