May 23, 2019
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  • 12:52 pm How Tiwa Savage’s Love Story With Music Has Put Nigeria On The Global Map.
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Tiwa Savage is Nigeria’s biggest music brand, News and her deal with Universal Music Group saw her trend on Social media for days.

Not many Nigerians know that she once toured the world with Mary J Blige. Signing with a renowned American Music label is a crown for her many accomplishments in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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You can be sure to see the Yankees dancing to our Gbe bodie And Zanku leg works in the days ahead. In one sesne, Tiara has helped us conquer the tragedy of the single story. Very soon instead of branding all of us as Africa as the Americans are wont to do, they will soon start differentiating Nigeria from Africa.

The deal gives our amiable Tiara a greater audience or what we call a cross-boarder audience, not just African Americans, but the infinitesimal pool of peoples from around the globe. In one word, Tiwa Savage is now a global icon. Before long, she will soon get honorary Doctorates for her many accomplishments.

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Adam Granite, the Executive Vice President of Universal Music Group knows the worth of the jewel he snapped from Don Jazzy. He knows tue many values Tiwa Savage can bring to the table as well as the real entertainment she with give are already increasing expectant global audience.


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