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For over 8 years, I struggled with Malaria, every other week I was either on Antimalarial drugs or in and out of hospitals, our village people were clearly working me.

Much of the time, I had fever, I was weak, I was emaciated. I couldn’t play football, I couldn’t participate in rigorous exercises. Because my body temperature was always hot, I couldn’t date. Girls always asked if all was well with me.

My mother was worried if I could find a wife, or keep up with the rigours of a healthy sex life. The doctors were worried about the high rate of my frequenting hospitals. As well as the very high out of pocket expenditures for health care services and drugs as well as the hours lost to the fevers and the need for rest.

Different kinds of medications and care. The frustrating aspect of it all was that I wasn’t SS. It baffled the doctor and it baffled me too. No matter what the doctors (across six cities) recommended, My fever remained resilient. I had lost all hope and I was near death.

I Was Dismissed From Landmark University, Now I have Gotten Admission Again

But for God’s Grace and his divine providence, I got in contact with a Lady Doctor who had just returned from the UK to rebrand her Family’s ailing medical practice. It was this goodly doctor who took a look at me and my tale and worked wonders.

After ordering a battery of tests, platelets and MRI scan among them, she concluded that I had a case of resilient worms and I also had a deficiency in basic vitamins and minerals.

She retreated the malaria afresh with her own bespoke solutions, dewormed me and placed me on a heavy strength vitamin C and strong multivitamins.

Because of this Good Doctor, my malaria is gone, my immunity is high, I rearly have malaria and when I do, ordinary Amalar and Paracetamol is enough to cure it as against expensive drugs like Amatem, Lonart and Halfan. Today I am in good health thanks to my Goodly Lady Doctor.

I understand the scourge of malaria is a tough one with International foundations bothered about how to cure it once and for all. I understand different drugs are being tested and lots of money have already being spent.

While I commend them for these efforts, I would strongly advise that they consult these Lady doctor because she knows something about Malaria that the others do not know. Her inputs can help in the discovery of the elusive cure for the venoms of the Female Anopheles mosquitoes.

Anih Ambrose SDP wrote this piece. Ambrose is a Sustainable Development Practitioner. The good Doctor can be reached at Omotayo Hospital and Maternity, Oke-Ado Ibadan. Her name is Dr Omotayo.

This is our piece for the celebration of the 2019 World Malaria Day.

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