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Emma, 29, works as a domestic assistant with a well off of 5 family- The Eze’s in Ikoyi. The family is well placed and happy. The man of the house works with Total while the wife works as an embassy attaché in one of the foreign missions.

Their children Mary aged 12, Arinze aged 8 and Tobe aged 5 all attend one of the fancy schools in the neighborhood. Emma, their domestic assistant helps out on the school runs among other things.

The Eze household has otherwise been a happy family with plenty of happiness and joy, they travel down home every December, they go on holidays abroad, they drive around town with the latest car brands, live in a mansion in a nice and cozy neighborhood.

All was well until Mr Eze developed the middle age itch and began to go after everything in skirt, the cause of conflict with his loving wife and his beloved children. While Mr Eze and his wife tried to patch things through and resolve their crisis ridden marriage, it happens that Emma their domestic assistant had wreaked havoc on their daughter.

He had molested Mary their first child on several occasions right under their roof.One day when Mr and Eze and his wife had one of their many ugly confrontations, their daughter Mary rushed into Emma’s room to seek refuge from her parent’s ugly tantrums, little did she knew that she had ran into the lion’s den.

Emma promptly comforted her but not before asking her to sit on his laps, from which he began to fondle her in several places. Having stimulated her, he proceeded to take advantage of her naivety and sleep with her, warning her severely never to mention the event to her parents, friends or siblings.

The molestation continued for the next two years within which Mary’s academic efforts nosedived, her social interactions and applications went to basement levels, she became anti-social and miserable. She only looked forward with glee to her next tryst with Emma who was taking her on nearly daily basis.

A terrible ordeal for the poor girl.The bubble would latter burst one day as Emma became increasingly careless. The police were called in and it turned out Emma had an unclosed case file from a previous charge for the same crime.

The naughty issue had helped reconcile the Eze family from their ugly marital episode, but the real work of rehabilitating Mary is way ahead of them.

Such is the plight of over 10,000 Nigerian girls who are molested and raped everyday.

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