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The boys in my street in Calabar nearly finished Ahmed Indimi for saying that Glo is the most useless network for data and voice. A visibly angry Arit asked how many jobs generations of the Indimi had ever created? I tried to intervene, no matter what I said these guys were very vengeful.

Ahmed Indimi is married to President Buhari’s daughter. He took to the social media to Call out Globalcom as the worst and useless organisation in Nigeria.

As a private citizen and an unhappy customer, Mr Ahmed is within his rights to complain. But the moment he took to social media to vent his complaints in manner so crude, and given the place of honour that he enjoys as a member of Nigeria’s first family, we deign to bring him under our microscope.

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First of all, Glo is the darling of every Nigerian especially thousands of Nigerian burgeoining SMEs who are beginning to tap into the many possibilities of the internet of things. Ask from the beneficiaries of Glo’s Special Data offer and they will tell you that Data is oxygen indeed.

Perhaps Glo’s services or network is poor in Yola, which Nigerian company is it that doesn’t have its areas of strength and weaknesses. It is true that Glo can do more, but let us Praise Glo for being brave enough to brace the challenges of the very technical and uncertain Telecommunication Industry.

Mr Ahmed is a celebratory by right and by status, we cherish and love you, so far so good you have been a perfect gentleman.

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But if credit is to be given, we would hasten to give to Globalcom and Chief Mike Adenuga because while Glo has created thousands of jobs, its cheap data has created millions of jobs. If we encourage them who knows Glo can single handedly lift Nigeria out of its poverty trap by providing an enabling environment for millions of other jobs.

Okon sent this piece from Calabar.


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