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  1. Maiduguri
    Maiduguri is number one on the list. You wouldn’t want to raise your kid in a state that has become nothing short of the theatre of the mother of guerrilla warfare, killings and abduction the world over. Many of the Chibok girls are yet to be released and a technically defeated Boko Haram is still intent on carving out their Islamic Caliphate. You wouldn’t want to raise your kid in this city. You wouldn’t dare.

  2. Damaturu
    Leah Sharibu is still yet to be reunited with her mother. 7000 residents of Damuturu have fallen to the sword of the Boko Haram Mujaheeden. Damaturu is one of the most dangerous cities in Nigeria. You would want to tread with caution. You very certainly wouldn’t even get the average of better not to talk of life.

  3. Dutse
    Perhaps you missed the news story about the resurgence of cholera in Dutse, or maybe you were not on sit when the news broadcaster read the part where the governor said he had no control on the security challenges in his city. Dutse is a lovely city, famous for its tourist centers. But you wouldn’t want to stroll the streets of Dutse just yet. You would raise your security level to Alpha Zulu Tango. Child: Daddy I want to go to Dutse. Dad: If I hear Fim!

  4. Sokoto
    Just why did you think the governor decamped from the ruling party? Here is the answer, he got tired of the security inadequacies of his city. The city was no longer safe given the guerilla attacks by some nameless groups fighting to rule. The city was otherwise safe but not any more. Yes the city is big, the night life is dope, but would you raise your kid in a city with an Alpha security level?

  5. Yola
    Of the five states on our list, Yola is the least and rightfully so. It has enjoyed some level of peace many Nigerian cities will envy. But would you raise your child in a city with a tendency for guerilla attacks? These attacks can come at a moment’s notice. If you must raise your child in Yola, you would want to make certain provisions for his/her round the clock security. Yola? Not now.

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