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Although there’s electric in its name, the company is however known for things more than electric.

It is a large conglomerate comprising of many sectors which include transportation, technology, power generation, aviation, oil and gas, health care, manufacturing and skill development.

Presently, it has over 500 indigenous employees and provides customer services for its high-level clients from both private and public sectors in its office locations in Lagos, Porthacourt, Onne and Abuja.

#Airtell Nigeria

Founded over 22 years ago in faraway India, Airtell has invested over $1.7 billion to broaden its network capacity and foster a wider reach across Nigeria.

Airtell is Nigeria’s third largest telecoms operator with over 33 million subscribers which makes it one of the leading lights in the industry.


The name alone breeds admiration.
The largest search engine in the world is surely a very good and proud place to have an employee ID card.

Google offers career advancement opportunities, perks like offshore workshops and seminars, work-life balance and most imperatively, an eye popping pay cheque.


Premier Oil Company in Nigeria, Shell commenced operations in 1937 and discovered oil in Olobiri, Rivers state in 1956.

Shell has been Nigeria’s largest crude oil producer before being displaced by Exxon Mobil in 2015. In spite of this, Shell is still royally revered as the most successful in Nigeria, a reputation it has held for over 70 years.

Its employee pay cheque is eye popping as SUSTAIN can confidently report that some entry level staff go home with a six figure monthly package.
Wouldn’t you rather work with Nigeria’s most desired employer with plenty of its attendant fringe benefits?


GTBank offers a unique and bespoke platform for career advancement while you can still get to enjoy the trappings of your employee status.

Working here can be otherwise very stressful, but the eye popping remuneration makes up for the delicate inconveniences.

GTBank is Nigeria’s third largest bank and one of the most advanced in technology and global banking rankings.

#Nestle Nigeria PLC

Nestle has an excellent reputation in Nigeria’s food industry over the years.
Its many products are the darling of majority of households in Nigeria.
The food industry is very busy all year round and except for leadership flops or employee issues, the job security is high with plenty of fringe benefits and eye popping salary.


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